CONSIDER A PERSONAL RETREAT IN Hale Aloha.  One Person creating A VISION, writing a Play, illustrating a Picture Book…The Spirit and Natural Beauty live here.  Do Yoga, Zazen, Walking through the rainforest, Thriving amongst the Great Ancestors.

Hale Aloha, Home of Aloha and Warmth, is a beautiful 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bath home, surrounded by flowers and fruit trees. The living room “breathes” a quiet serenity and a settled, eloquent beauty. The large picture windows of this gracious older-style home open up to a lush and wild and abundant Hawaii. A spacious style kitchen, cooled by ocean trade winds, encourages “casual stillness” and a return to simplicity. Return to “human rhythm;” return to the elegance and charm of "old Hawaii,"

Sleeps up to 5 people on Retreat and Refuge.

Hale Aloha is $150/night plus tax for one person. Each additional person is $25/night/person. 7 night minimum stay. 33% discount for a month or longer.

33% discount for 1 month stay (28 days or more).

Guests are encouraged to stay a month. Settle deeply, experience the peace and beauty of our beloved Hawaii.

High-speed WiFi: 44 Mbps.

Hawaiian Country Comfort