The Mango Tree Cottage is a 16 x 24 screened studio space, completely open to the outdoors. Listen to the winds, rain “dancing” on the tin roof, crickets, falling avocados and ripe mangoes when in season. A comfortable reading chair, table for work or eating, and a gracious queen size bed –basic–offering minimal simplicity. The bathroom and kitchenette are in an adjacent building, and shared with the other person staying in the Banana Patch Cottage. Living in the Mango Tree Cottage is an experience of living harmony : BEING OUTDOORS, BEING INDOORS, simultaneously.

SINGLE : $85/night plus tax.
One week minimum, 7 nights. 2 week stay, 15%discount.
1 month stay (28 days) 45% discount/day, plus tax. 60 day maximum stay.
DOUBLE : $23/night additional for 2nd person, plus tax.

High speed WiFi: 88 Mbps for remote work
$40 additional WiFi fee for month-long-stay

Bring the Outdoors In