Miss Akiko
is the author of 3 children's books, each of them bursting with colors & beautiful images of the Hawaii she loves. She was born and raised in Hawaii "before the freeways and shopping malls." She also runs a Buddhist Bed & Breakfast at her 85-year-old home along the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii and sells gorgeous bromeliad plants and blooms.
  Miss Takuan
is the story of an off-grade daikon turnip pickle. The moral of the story is: it's "okay" to be off-grade, a little different. We don't have to be A-grade perfect. The book is ageless & has been used in schools for kids who don't fit in, as well as for adults who are delightfully different. 32 splendidly colored illustrations by Steve Brost & Melissa Reed. Soft. $10.50
  The Adventures of Kalakoa
A Hawaiian Rainbow Fantasy. "Kalakoa" is the Hawaiian word for "calico." It means all mixed-up colors. An appropriate name for a rainbow that accidentally tumbles out of the sky as he was showing off. What he learns is brilliantly displayed in a panoramic pallette of colors by Hawaiian illustrator Roland Van Loon. 32 illus. Hard. $12.95.
  Neal Tofu Luvs Tee-dah Tuna
Neal Tofu is a blocky, "sumo tori" (Japanese wrestler) tofu who loves Tee-dah Tuna, who is an outrageous crooner tuna. This is a very very simple "love poem" set in Hawaii, about the radiance we emanate when we love. 32 humorous illustrations by Esther. Great for adults who are looking for something delightfully different. Ideal gifts for Valentines, weddings, anniversaries, or just to say you care. Soft. $10.50.



Each book is inscribed with a one-of-a-kind poem filled with love and aloha.
To order send check or money order to:

P.O. Box 272
Hakalau, Hawaii 96710

All proceeds from sale of the books go towards building a Temple for Healing dedicated to the ancestors, on the grounds where Miss Akiko lives.

Please include shipping charges:
a) 1 book - $1.50
b) 2-5 books $3.00
c) 6-8 books $4.00

Or send email here or direct to: msakiko@hawaii.rr.com

+1 (808) 963-6422 (phone/fax)