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• The Pottery & Gardens of Clayton Amemiya

• Annual Traditional Mochi Pounding

• Merrie Monarch Hula Festival

The current activities and special events list change from time to time. Be sure to check this site to see what is scheduled for the the near future

While here, you are welcome to assist with the farm on the 2-acre grounds, participate in daily sitting meditation practice, attend tai chi & chi quong classes with Akiko, go to an occasional dinner, movie or outing with other guests and pursue your own explorations around the island... whatever you like. Longer stays of 10 or more days - you are welcomed to stay in any of the our accommodations the Main-Monastery House , Pu'uhonua House, Banana Patch Cottage, Mango Tree Cottage, or Artist Retreat Studio, at reduced rates. Please contact Akiko (808) 963-6422, or email

TRANSPORTATION: A rental car is advisable. There is public bus service. Schedules and map in pdf format can be downloaded here. Our stop is "Hakalau." (If you are not able to open file get your free Acrobat Pdf reader at Adobe

Akiko's Buddha Buzz ! ! !

Two 1-POUND bags of Hakalau medium roast beans. $69.99 includes S&H. Make check out to : "AKIKO'S" - P.O. Box 272, Hakalau, Hawaii 96710. Brew yourself a cup of coffee & return to breakfast time at Akiko's - those great conversations, good food & amazing fellowship!! Send coffee to friends. Brew some BUZZZ at home and share with friends. LOVELY way to share and to support community activities at Akiko’s.


The Pottery & Gardens of Clayton Amemiya - Hidden Hawaiian Adventures

Clayton creates unique Hawaiian wood fired "Anagama" ceramics - vases, teacups, sake cups, large abstract wall and garden pieces, and special commissions.Visit the beautiful landscaped gardens and studio of local potter, Clayton Amemiya. . His home is tucked away in the hills behind Hilo. There you will see his artistry in his beautifully landscaped garden of exotic tropicals, many, many varieties of Hawaiian ti's, fruit trees and the carefully pruned magnificent bamboo grove. He will lead you along the smooth river-rock paths that wind through the gardens to his wood fired kiln where he fires his work.

Email: here or direct it to for booking or call (808) 963-6422 for appointment.


2020 Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Competition

April 12-18, 2020 See the finest hula halaus (schools) perform both kahiko (ancient) and auwana (contemporary) hula in a competition that draws thousands to Hilo every year. Hotels and car rentals book early (some hotels are already fully booked) and performances are packed. More information at


23rd Annual Traditional Mochi (rice cake) Pounding for New Year (More "fun stuff" about our mochi pounding) Sunday, Dec. 27th, 2020 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Akiko's over the years has become synonymous with MOCHI POUNDING. This will be our 23rd year. Started with 23 people, mostly neighbors, and now it has become a popular community and public event. This past year we had between 600-700 folks visit our wee village to participate in mochi pounding and other activities.

Come and join the fun on Sunday, Dec. 27th, 2020 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. making traditional rice cakes the "old-fashioned" way. Everyone takes their turn at pounding the delicious sticky rice for good luck. Fire building starts at 7 a.m. to steam the rice. Hearty local style lunch for $5. New years crafts, food vendors, fortune telling, massage, I Ching readings, floral arrangements, plantation stories, Okinawan taiko drumming, Hawaiian entertainment & more. Great cultural mix of everything that makes Hawaii so special.

The latest event updates can be found on the Wailea Village Annual Mochi Pounding Facebook page by clicking here.

Or, call Miss Akiko @ (808) 963-6422 or email: here or direct it to for more information.

Our most recent Mochi Pounding Festival Video are HERE

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